vendredi 25 mars 2011

Les Oeuvres d'Ambroise Paré. 1664

PARE, Ambroise.  Les Oeuvres. 

Lyon, Jean Grégoire, 1664.


Folio (33.5x22 cm), (16)-852-(74)-(2 bl.) pages.  binding: Nineteenth-century quarter sheep.  Minor marginal foxing. 3 leaves with genitals illustrations are lacking (pages 585 to 590). Binding rubbed, head of spine worn, corners bumped.

"Paré was the greatest of the army surgeons before Larrey. Born in poor circumstances, he became the most famous surgeon in France. He is particularly remembered for his abandonment of boiling oil and the cautery, for his revival of podolic version, his reintroduction of the ligature and his invention of many new surgical instruments. He was the first to suggest that syphilis is a cause of aneurysm.
He popularized the truss, introduced artificial imbs, and (in dentistry) reimplatation of the teeth." (Garisson).

references: Doe [43].